193 Portrait of David Lynch


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I think I’m making great progres with my portraits! So I’m padding myself on the shoulder a bit.

Are you guys realizing that I’ll soon be drawing my drawing number 200? It’s been some 2½ months and I’m really enjoying myself!

What will it be? Does anybody have any suggestions to my 200th drawing?

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  1. You should be pleased with yourself. I have been watching the progress of your portraits and they are getting better and better, This one is particularly good. I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. Keep it up. You are progressing quickly.

  2. This is a really great portrait. Not only did I recognize it as David Lynch without reading the subject but your mark making is really strong and dynamic in this drawing.

    For your 200th I’m going to suggest drawing in another medium – pastel, oil pastel, ink – or a self-portrait using a distorted reflection, like a broken mirror or the back of a spoon.

    • Great idea with the distorted reflection! I’ll definetly think of that. I have some pastels lying around, so i might give it a go.. They’re quite hard to be precise with, though.. maybe i’ll try and sharpen them up a bit


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