189 Perspective of house by ARX Portugal Arquitectos


See the original photo here.

I think it’s a little better on the paper than it is on the scan. I really like this facade on the photo, but not so much on the drawing. I like how they’ve disigned a modern facade mimicking elements in the two neighbouring facades – i couldn’t find a photo where you see the context any better though – if anybody knows the adress of this house (for google streetview), or where i can find some better photos, I’d like to know.

I’m planning on doing a infill myself for my master thesis at architecture school, so I am looking for nice examples of infills that make good use of the existing context – if anybody has any suggestions about something i should look at, i’d be glad to hear about it. Historical architecture aswell.

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  1. Nice gradations in tonality. You started light so you didn’t have to go too dark and overwork and it looks really good. The perspective slipped a bit. To start off, try getting a ruler and pivot it on the eyeline and check that the elements all work together and are angled proportionately. After a while you can do it by eye, but there is a lot of detail here. It’s very easy to slip up.

    • Yes, very easy indeed! – i tried to correct the lower windows in the first house on the left, but it’s hard to mess around with an eraser and still get everything working together – aswell as the tonality etc.. You just have to get it right from the start. Thanks for your comment!


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