0 thoughts on “170 Portrait after Carlos Schwabe”

  1. I confess I was not familiar with the original but I honestly think I prefer your version of it. Yours has a textural quality whereas the original artist has opted for tonality over texture. I guess I prefer texture. Something about it adds to the creepiness.

    • Thanks! I didn’t know it either, but found it on the blog that iI’m linking to – it has loads of creepy and dark paintings.. Great thing for a late november night, if you like that sort of thing !

          • That’s cool. Very graphic. It looks like something that could be fun to do in series. I’ve seen that a lot of users on wordpress use this etsy thing for selling their art online.. I haven’t dug into it yet (maybe i’ll get there myself at some point) – but it might be a good way to reach a lot of people online.. Or do you intend to go sell them directly from your blog?

          • I am considering Etsy. I just need to get to grips with how it works and wrap ny head around US business and tax law since that is obviously all new to me. I have always sold directly before so I would be way out of my comfort zone, though that’s not always a bad place to be.

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