162 Portrait after Rodin


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I think that my learning motto might develop into “quantity quantity quantity” – Maybe I’ll think of a better way to phrase it, but this is essentially my strategy for improving.
Most of my drawings I do with a very “loose” hand – I don’t dwell on things in order to perfect them, and i skip to something else if it gets boring. It’s a great pleasure to draw when you skip the boring parts, and this way it stays very appealing. Even though i “challenged” myself to do at least one drawing per day, this doesn’t feel like a chore, but it’s something that I’m excited to do. I actually find excuses to draw.
Anyway, when i have this approach of drawing for pleasure, and skipping the boring part, I don’t really get to the point where I get really frustrated of a bad (or less good) drawing. It’s just one more in the stack, and when I do a lot, it never takes long before the bad drawing is replaced by a better one.

If some of you are wondering why i count my drawings (this one being number 162 since the 9th september) – then i can tell you that it’s for my own sake.. It feels great seeing the number rise steadily.. Maybe i have a kind of a hoarding personality !

This drawing i concider less good than the other Rodin-drawings that i have done recently. The head is taller in reality, and the “messy” surface of the material is hard to represent without being too detailed… But with all of the above kept in mind – it doesn’t really matter. It’ll get better.

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  1. The face kind of metamorphosizes (is that even a word?)…well anyway, it looks different depending on where you focus on the drawing. It’s easy to get sucked into creating a masterpiece every time, but you seem to have found the right approach.


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