159 Mexican stone mask


I went to a second hand store today, to look for a  bigger mirror i could use for self-portraits.. I found no suitable mirror, but there were some books that caugt my interest. The two i picked up were about pre-spanish mexican art and african art, and they both have some nice photoes of really amazing art.

This is just the frontpage of the pre-spanish mexican book, and there are loads of great photoes to draw from. I find this really inspiring. This one is from the period 250-750 according to the book.. Not very precice, but never the less, very long ago. How did these people view abstraction, and what did a face like this represent to them?.. I must say that doing a study of such a thing has made me appreciate it even more.. It is such a beautiful thing, and it is clearly done by a very skilled artist – and by that I mean much more than just a craftsman who reproduce an image of a person etc.. this is really creation. I’m looking forward to diving further into these books!

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