150 Hands again


Hands in a crazy pose.. I almost broke my pencil.. Ok, I didn’t almost break it.

I’ve done a lot of hands recently, so it’s almost becoming a series.. If you want to see my other hands, click here

And for the original photo, click here

Critique welcome.

I think that maybe the dark background got too horizontal. If it were more chaotic it would work better with the “stressed” feeling of the photo..

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  1. I like the background. the different direction gives it some movement, almost a vibration, which is somewhat intense, matching the hand pose, which also has some intensity, as oppose to them being relaxed. that’s a long way of saying, that I really like it, it has energy to it.

    • Gee thanks! By all means, don’t look at the photo.. It’s one of those generic stock-photos that people can buy with watermark and all.. Doing a study of a photo can be just as real as making up the pose/scene by myself, i know.. but just pulling something off google and doing a drawing just seems so in-authentic to me.. I suppose stuff like that i concider more as drawing excercises than art, but that might just be me.. So yeah, i feel reluctant giving it a title.. But thanks for reblogging! ( Now i really want to do some hands that are drawn from real life!)

      • They may not be drawn from real life but you have put life into them for sure.
        Yes, drawing from life is the best of course but bottom line is the kind of art piece you end up with. You got a good piece out of it. Congrats, well done 🙂


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