142 Self-Portrait #11


Good morning.

I look sleep deprived – and while I’m tired, please note that I am not THAT tired.

I ought have toned the eyes equally.. But I didn’t!

This is drawing #142.. It’s crazy – I’m really moving forward – in quantity, for sure, but if i compare my self portraits from the beginning with the recent ones, I’ve made quite some headway in skill aswell but a development like this is far from linear.. Sometimes I do stuff that’s almost emarrasing to look at whereas other times i do something that i doubt being able to repeat. All in all its the average that counts.

I suppose that I should start thinking about what to do with my drawing number 200?..

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  1. My next study project is gonna be self-portrait too… Never tried it before, I’m nearly scared of what I’m gonna find!
    Really love the eyes expression in this one.

  2. Wow, you really do have potential, and i like your entusiasm! If you want a tip (take it or leave it) try to not copy something. Draw from your own mind. Create a new picture! Start by learing the propotions of the human body, face and hands, and then create something new! Drawing is so much more than copying. I believe in you – you can do it!

  3. I know from looking at your picture and from other portraits that this is not the best likeness to you but this is a seriously COOL portrait. And you know, you are not bond to be totally honest about who you were drawing. I’ll tell you that there are plenty of self portraits that flat out don’t look a thing like me HOWEVER they did convey perfectly what I was feeling. I keep them but….do I say it’s a self portrait?…no. A white lie. Not even that bc YOU are the creator and YOU decide what is what, etc, etc.
    This is just an expressive portrait. It’s not sleep deprivation that was portrayed it’s an irreverence with the world. Very good


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