140 Portrait of a worrisome Barack Obama


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A strange expression isn’t it?… Perhaps this press photographer just caugt Obama in the end of a yawn. Or did he actually frown like that?

Amarican elections get almost as much media coverage in Denmark as danish elections.. It’s a question of entertainment.. Yeah sure, it influences everybody who is behind the wheel in the worlds biggest superpower.. But come on… I don’t have a television anymore.

This was the last page in my sketchbook! Time to break in a new one! It took me 29 days!

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  1. oooh! A new sketchbook! How many finished sketchbooks have you accumulated since the beginning of this blog?

    ps. After tonight’s election, I don’t blame Obama for being worried. I’m worried too.

  2. You are doing great! Your focus is inspiring to me, always zooming off in different directions.
    Obama has reason to be sad…it’s going to be even worse the next 2 years than the last 2 years. You captured it well. The lunatics are indeed running the asylum.

    • The different directions is not a concious choise – but i don’t worry too much about having a specific focus for now – I’m sure that I’m going to land on something that’ll stick with me at some point

      • I meant that I’M always zooming off in different directions, not you. I think you are very focused (my verbal expressions of what I’m thinking are not always clear). Your work has consistency and direction, and you can easily follow how it’s developing. I like that.


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