130-131 Two lightning quick Renoir studies


Originals here and here

Maybe these are in fact too quickly done. I could imagine that it’d be a good excersice to often do these turbo-sketches in order to get better at capturing the essentials in a quick sketch… But i don’t want to waste paper either.. I’ll try not to be too carried away with the speed drawing.

In other news – I got myself a little mirror – so you’ll soon be seeing some of those self-portraits from real life, that everybody have been asking me to do !

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  1. When life drawing, I started with 30 second sketches then built up to 1 minute, 3, 5, 10 and then 25-30 minutes. Those really brief sketches are great practice for really observing the essence of a pose, capturing the substance of a figure without being caught up and getting lost in all the detail. The longer poses are great for practicing things that take more time and depth, such as tonality. I, therefore, definitely think it is a good idea for you to mix up the duration of time you spend drawing.

    PS I hope I am being encouraging in my replies to your posts and not patronising. It’s the teacher in me, I’m afraid.

  2. My advice, even though it’s unrequested, is don’t worry about wasting paper. It’s never a waste. Actually, sometime you may regret not doing something on better paper. You never know when a masterpiece is going to emerge.
    P.S. The drawing on the right is really, really good.

  3. If you’re worried about paper (as in cost) get some newsprint paper for super fast sketches. Or use anything. You know all that paper they use to wrap fragile things when moving? Makes great sketching paper.


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