123 Self portrait #7


After having done roughly 18 million portraits the last week or so, I decided that it might be the time, to get back to my self-portraits. I still have no mirror – I know that people have told me repeatedly to get one, and to draw directly from looking at that, instead of using a photo – and I will do that, when i find a mirror. For now, you’ll have to do with yet another version of this portrait.

Overall – I think that i can see some improvement – but the hair is weird, the forehead is too low, my head is too round, my left eye is too high (?) – and i’m afraid to say, that I’m not as buff as the drawing might indicate.

I think that doing self-portraits time and again is a good way to measure how my artistical skills are evolving. I’m looking forward to look back at these drawings a few months from now, with a better eye.

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  1. Don’t get so hung up on verisimilitude. Consider instead whether the portrait captures the essence of the sitter – in this case you. If the drawing can convey the sense of a person’s personality, attitude, emotions then that’s far more powerful and engaging than an accurate physical study.


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