117 Portrait after Cezanne


Here’s another portrait after Cezanne.

I’ve done studies of Rembrandt, Degas, Van Gogh and Cezanne.. And Caravaggio, if you count mythological creatures. I think that those i like the best, are actually Rembrandt’s – His paintings are very dark and shadowy, with strage lighting and this results in pictures that have a certain athmosphere.. The impressionists seems to be more traditional (!!!) in their approach (admitedly I don’t know anything about traditions in portraiture – but anyway…) Their pictures are a bit more like passport photographs, just showing a persons face like it is – no added drama.. I find that as a drawing excercise, I get more out of Rembrandt. It takes much longer, and the end-result is more interesteing..

I’m a novice in art – both as a sender and a reciever – so perhaps someone more experienced could give me some suggestions.

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