11 tired sketches and drawings!

Sketch of a dog in pen

A quick sketch of a happy dog!

Sketch of a room

This is a pencil perspective that I’m using as a means of visualization on a project I am making in architecture school.

sketch of a roof garden view

This is the same deal. View from a roof garden.

Drawing of a cat in pen

And here’s a cat sketch. I’ve been really busy lately, so I might have skipped  a few days in between some of these

Sketch of a cat in pen

Another cat in pen. Playing  a little with the background

Sketch of a dog

This is the third out of three dog sketches. It didn’t go really well as you can see – it took me three attempts to make something I eventually was happy with!

Drawing of a dog in pen

Second attempt – a little rough.

Drawing of a silly dog

And here’s the third one. I think that the sillyness of this pose helped bring out  something positive in the sketch as opposed to the two others!

Drawing of a dog in pen

Another one that I’m not too happy with – Very soon, I’ll be having more time on my hands to actually draw something that’s not rushed every day !

Drawing of a cat in pen

A cat!

Commissioned drawing of a boxer dog called Henry

And finally – here’s a commissioned portrait of Henry the boxer, that i just finished. I hope you like it! If you’re interested in seeing more of my custom pet portraits –  please head over to my other site, tclausen.net ! – I’ll post that last one over there shortly.

These were my 725-735th drawings since the 9th September 2014 !

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  1. The sketch you said you are not too happy with – that’s the one you did for me of my dog Blanket (@Dog_Buddha). I think it’s wonderful! Thank you again for taking the time to do it. All of your drawings are beautiful..


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