106# Medusa – after Caravaggio


analogrevolutionart said in one of my posts that I should have a look at Caravaggio – I’m glad she did!

As usual, I have to run for the morning train in a few minutes, so the drawing may be “finished” prematurely – But when is a drawing ever finished? I feel that there is alway some spot where you can add some tone, change a detail or whatever, so I don’t worry too much about the “final state” of my drawings right now.

One thing I want to redo at some point, however, is the contrasts – It needs some more toning to make up for Caravaggios claire obscure

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  1. This may help you. On your own you might look up a book on the anatomy of faces but sometimes that’s pretty intimating. Here is a pic of a simple line trick to establish where things go on the face. image the head as an egg and you are drawing a line around it -latitude and longitude (does that make sense?)
    Hope this helps.
    Still this is awesome. I am going to show my husband. He will love it,!

    • Thanks! Yeah, it’s difficult to get the face right. I appreciate the suggestions. At some point i’ll get it right… I think that i’ll be doinf some more portraits soon.

      • Trust me, you’re doing well. Most beginners don’t even want to approach portraits. They are difficult. Also in school we had to do gesture drawings. We had 1 minute to draw the figure. Obviously, no master pieces were made here but it loosened us up and made us see that drawing the figure is like anything else- line, shape and shadow. It’s so hard to get away from the “human” when u a drawing a face. But doing so for awhile during a portrait won’t cause u to lose that “human”-ness. I think that was a lonnnng run on sentence. In a hurry! Bye


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