103 Three drawings of my pencil sharpener


It’s saturday – Yesterday i had my friday night-shift, which means that i sleep until the late afternoon, and feel like a hanged cat. So today, my drawing isn’t too enthusiatic.

It’s my pencil sharperner (For those 2mm mechanical pencils that architects love so much)
I started with the watercolour one in the middle, then i did one by pencil underneath, and the last one, though it looks like pencil, is in fact drawn with a “graphite aquarel” pencil. The pencil is gray, and i naturally thought that i could do a gray drawing with it, but to me, it looks a lot like a normal pencil.. Oh well.

As for the watercolour – the paper i am using doesn’t work that great with it. There are areas where the paint just doesn’t “sink in” to the paper – I know that i ought to do my watercolours on better paper, but for the moment, i prefer to keep all of my drawings in the same sketchbook (to have the chronology and all that.) For the moment, i don’t worry too much about all that. I’m not a watercolour superstar, so for now, I can accept it.

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