Sketch of a moka pot

Three months have passed since my last “daily” drawing! This one is a little sloppy when it comes to proportion and composition, but at least  it’s a sketch 😉 I just wanted to make… Continue reading

Sketch of a furry cat

Here’s another cat! She’s called Isabella. I think it turned out good for a sketch. If you’d like one too – click here: Free drawing requests 794

Sketch of Avalon the cat

Here’s a sketch of Avalon the cat. who’s got a book written about him that you can check out here:  Avalon: A heartwarming true cat story I hope you like this one! Would… Continue reading

A quick cat sketch

The face turned out a bit too large. I always have a problem with the placement of the eyes when drawing quickly 😉 792

Back from the dead? A fruit-bat-dog!

Friends! It’s been one thousand years since you last heard from me, and I am sorry! I’ve been up to a lot of strange things – nourishing my second hobby, which is learning… Continue reading

How could I not draw this??

This fine gentleman posted a rather amusing photo of himself on redditgetsdrawn  790 

Another redditor. Glasses and a cap

This guy’s glasses ended up a little too small and a little too high on his nose, making his head seem a little longer than it is. 789

Yet another beard

And the line of beards goes on. This is yet another redditor 788

A morning redditor in pen

Another quick portrait of a user from Reddit Gets Drawn 787

A baby from reddit gets drawn